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The TUFO Indoor Line

Pro Special Lite Elite Indoor MTB

Martina Štĕpánková
World Champion 1998
Single Artistic Cycling
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B3 20" / 22" / 24" / 26"
B33 26"
WS 3 24"

Products of this line are designated for indoor cycling disciplines. Optimally dimensioned tread compound together with ideal tread pattern guarantee excellent adhesion on all types of surfaces. Matter of course is long tire life and exceptional riding properties. These tires can be safely inflated up to 230 PSI.

Thanks to a special textile protection of the side wall and reinforcement of the tire tread part, these tires are exceptionally resistant to punctures and damages. Occasional flat can be easily and effectively repaired with TUFO sealant.

Tubular tires of this line are suitable as for cycle-ball as well as artistic cycling, because they conform to the most demanding requirements from the point of view of trueness.

The ride is very quiet and smooth, even when performing the most complex exercises. Indoor tires can be supplied with different coloured treads as a custom order.

Tires of this line are successfully used in many wheelchair sports.

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