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The TUFO Elite Line

Pro Special Lite Elite Indoor MTB

Aleksander Fedenko
World Champion 1998
Track Team Pursuit
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Elite 100g
Elite < 110g
Elite < 120g
Elite < 125g
Elite Jet Hi-TPI
ELITE S 3 < 225g
Elite Pulse
Elite Road
Elite Ride 23
Elite Ride 25
Elite Diamond LPS
Elite Cyclocross LPS
Flexus Dry Plus
Flexus Primus
Flexus Cubus
Flexus Cubus 33 SG
Flexus Primus 33 SG

Our ELITE LINE, intended for top professional competition, is using the most advanced technology and materials to date. The proprietary high strength, high twist polyamide fibers enable construction of 440 TPI casing (treads per inch), providing these tires with the most supple qualities and optimal inflation pressures for track, road and cyclocross racing.

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