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About TUFO

If we are following the present rapid introduction of new materials and technologies into the whole spectrum of human activities, there is no wonder that these materials are applied in the bicycle industry as well, especially in the segments working on development of top quality products for professional competitors. Right next to the words "victory", "record", "time" are used words as "weight", "strength", "aerodynamic and rolling resistance", because in competitive cycling the success depends on the athlete, but in a part also on the equipment he or she uses to achieve the goal.

The TUFO company, involved in the production of bicycle tires, mostly for competition and racing, not only introduces new materials and technologies the progress has to offer, but actively takes part in their development and application. At the same time TUFO searches for new ways and approaches to the innovation process, confirmed by a number of patents obtained. This attitude has led to the birth of new, patented construction of tubular tire, and best of all, unique patented system of installation of a tubular tire on a clincher rim. Worth to mention is also special composite construction of the tire tread. The main criteria for all existing and newly developed TUFO products are riding characteristics and price/performance ratio. All tires are designed with safety and reliability of their use in mind. TUFO performs a number of tests before introduction of a new product to the market in cooperation with top bicycling teams at home and abroad. Therefore TUFO tires are used by bicyclists on all continents, ranging from pleasure cyclists to world champions.

The TUFO company was established in 1991. The founder, Miloslav Klabal, having worked for many years in the development and research in the tire industry, himself active cyclist and racer, had decided to combine his passion for two wheel sport with his extensive technical expertise in order to fulfill to the limit the wishes and needs of bicycle enthusiasts and offer them the best in tires.

The staff at TUFO believes that the process of product innovation and quality improvement has no end, there is no product that can not be made better. Any comments, suggestions and comments from all TUFO users are always welcome.

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Tufo products have been distributed on the American continent since 1999 by Tufo North America Inc., located in the beautiful town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

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