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Welcome to TUFO!

Featured Product:
Flexus Cubus 33 SG
Second Generation CX Cubus Tires
 we have finally new cyclocross tires available in 33 mm width, second generation Flexus Cubus 33 tubulars in racing version - Elite Line - and Cubus 33 tubulars in training version - Pro Line - for this cyclocross season.
Wider road tires in tubular...

New universal model suitable for most conditions including the most difficult cyclocross terrain. Aggresive tread pattern provides excellent traction and steady cornering in almost every condition. In spite of the aggresive tread pattern, this model has very low rolling resistance and can be also used in dry conditions and hard pack.
Excellent puncture resistance. Specially formulated soft tread compund enhances the shock obsorption. Low weight, high TPI count.
Tread compond with new Silane VP Si 363, designed to improve the key tire characteristics - lowering rolling resistance by over 10%, better grip in wet conditions, higher durability and smoother ride.
New casing with long aramid fibers has increased puncture resistance, improves riding comfort and decreases vibrations.

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